Does your golf swing need brushing?

Do you live in #Prague or in the surroundings around and wish to get your golf swing right, the golf boll out from bunker or your puts straight? Or maybe you wish your kids to be able to get their green card this summer?

Now you have a chance to get good help fast and cheap. mathias1Mathias Olbert, my son, is a golf coach, with the degree from Swedish Golf Association certified Golf Gymnasium of Upplands-Bro in Sweden (with Natural Sciences and Math as major). He has played since he was four years old and been member of several golf clubs belonging to the Swedish Golf Association.  Thus he played most advanced courts in Sweden and has a low hcp. He has also played in Scotland,  USA, Germany and Thailand and attended in several competitions.

Mathias aimed for the  professional golf carrieer, but studies and life came along. Today he plays for fun, and teaches golf when visiting Sweden. Mathias has a long experience from customer service and is very pedagogical and patient. His understanding of Physical Laws, Anatomics and a long experience of improving golf swings ensure good results for you. He teaches in English, Swedish/Scandinavian, Finnish and some mixed Tjechian and German, too.

Finally,  he made a miracle  and got  my swing straight! So I realized he could  help many others as well.

                                                                  Johanna Parikka Altenstedt


This is how it works

a) Teenagers  and  grown-ups – single client

You will have a 30 – 40 minutes free telephone consultation about your golf  problem and how to go about it. If you decide to proceed, the price of first practice hour is 800 koruna / 30 EUR.  During  that session your will get the ”diagnose” and  Mathias will provide  you with a  plan to improve your swing/put.

After that you can practice and after 1 hour for 30 EUR or  2 hours for 1350 koruna / 50 EUR.



b) Children and beginners – group up to three persons

First lession. You will arrange 2,5  hours time and place for maximum three persons. During the first lession Mathias introduces you to the theory of golf, the history, rules, the idea, the clubs – and you get to test the grip,  do the swing and a few puts.

Price per person for the first beginner lession: 40 EUR / 1100 korona.  If  you like to continue, you agree with Mathias how often and the price.


c) Hire a caddy / coach for one day

If you want Mathias to go as your caddy and same  time to coach your that would be 60 EUR / 1600 koruna for 9 holes and 100 EUR / 2700 koruna for 18 holes.

All prices are inclusive VAT and with receipt. You should also have your own insurance and pay  for the green fee for yourself.


You can reach Mathias here

Telephone / SMS: +420 773 086 464



Golf  court  links

If you want to travel  further than 25 km  from Prague, you need to arrange also for Mathias to go along in your car, since he has no car. He has  a driver´s licence though.

Golf Resort Konopiste

Golf Club Stirin

Golf Club Podebrady

Golf Resort Karlstejn